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  • Photo by yo_aguilar / CC BY-SA

    Coffee is the second largest trade commodity in the world, which is number one?

  • Photo by Moyan_Brenn / CC BY

    If you translate “When something is forced out” in Italian it becomes..?

  • Which bean is most common for making coffee?

  • Photo by Infomastern / CC BY-SA

    Which country produces the most coffee?

  • How is the most expensive coffee available?

  • Photo by enricod / CC BY-SA

    How many cups does a normal person have to drink before it becomes an overdose of caffeine?

  • Coffee is even good against certain diseases. What disease has coffee been shown to prevent?

  • What is correct for dark roasted coffee?

  • Photo by Rod Waddington / CC BY-SA

    Legend has it that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, who there was it that discovered the caffeine?

  • Photo by Gregorr

    How does coffee grow?

  • What was the name of the Belgian man, living in Guatemala who discovered instant coffee?

  • Photo by insidious_plots / CC BY

    Which of the following coffee drinks contains the most milk?