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  • O.J. Simpson's trial was extremely high-profile, what was he charged with?

  • Photo by ??? TORLEY ??? / CC BY-SA

    Shawn Fanning launched a file-sharing service in 1999. What was the name of service?

  • Photo by oldandsolo / CC BY

    Spice girls went big in the 90's. But one of the members wasn't a member from the start, who?

  • Who was it that missed the crucial penalty in the final of football's 1994 World Cup between Italy and Brazil?

  • What's the name of the yellow figure in Pokemon that hit started off during the 90s?

  • Nelson Mandela is released in 1990 from South African prison. Which party does he become leader of?

  • Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia became soul-minded in 1991. What country did they belong before?

  • What was the name of the Queen singer who in 1992 died of AIDS?

  • In what war was it the US had a seizure that had been codenamed Operation Desert Storm along with several other countries?

  • Photo by MPD01605 / CC BY-SA

    What year was the European Union formed?

  • Domestic war and genocide are rampant in 1994 and and 500,000 dead as a result. What country?

  • A tunnel opens in 1994 linking France to which country?

  • Photo by Tekniska museet / CC BY

    In 1995, a major auction site is launched, which one?

  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana are divorcing, which is the year?

  • Photo by samdc

    Scientists manage in 1997 to clone a sheep. What name does it get?

  • What was the name of the comet that in 1997 passed Earth and was visible from Earth with the naked eye for a full 18 months?

  • What year was Google founded?

  • What boy band was it that split in 1993?

  • During the 90s, a bitter conflict was ongoing between two figure skating shoes. Tonya Harding and..?

  • Photo by giphy

    What was the name of the diner where the characters of the TV series Friends often gathered?