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  • Photo by vintagedept / CC BY

    Which is Portugal's capital?

  • Photo by Giåm / CC BY

    What is the name of the archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to Portugal?

  • Photo by pedrosimoes7 / CC BY

    What century did Portugal embark on their voyages of discovery that would give them colonies all over the world?

  • Photo by whoisdenilo

    What was it that in 1755 destroyed two-thirds of Lisbon?

  • Photo by JAIRO BD / CC BY

    Where in Portugal does real port wine come?

  • What is the name of the party in Portugal that includes running in front of bulls?

  • Photo by chilangoco / CC BY-SA

    What is the name of the football club from Lisbon?

  • Photo by Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer / CC BY

    In Portugal in 2011, the highest wave ever was taken by a surfer, how high was it?

  • Photo by Climber4x4

    What is the name of the bridge in Lisbon that is Europe's longest and runs across the Tagus river?

  • Photo by pedrosimoes7 / CC BY

    What is the name of the Portuguese folk music style influenced by sailor songs?

  • Photo by Navaneeth K N / CC BY

    What is the second largest Portuguese city after Lisbon if you look at the number of Portuguese inhabitants?

  • Photo by giphy

    Which religion is by far the largest Portugal?

  • Photo by ShardsOfBlue / CC BY-SA

    What is the name of Europe's largest casino located in Lisbon?

  • Photo by kewl / CC BY

    Portugal had a colony in China until 1999, which one?

  • Photo by Valerie Everett / CC BY-SA

    Which of the following countries does NOT have Portuguese as an official language?