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  • Photo by 99 Factory / CC BY

    How many bearings are there on a skateboard?

  • Photo by

    Jason Lee from “My Name is Earl” is a skateboarder and also started a skateboard brand with Chris Pastras, which brand?

  • Stacey Peralta was one of the sport's first stars, after his career he helped bringing out a new star, who?

  • Photo by Ricky Aponte / CC BY

    What is this trick called?

  • Matt Rodriguez is very good at something more than skateboarding, what's that?

  • Skateboarding grew out of another board sport, which one?

  • Photo by

    What's the bolt that goes straight through the trucks called?

  • Photo by dbrekke / CC BY

    How many layers of wood are there usually in a board?

  • What is Alan Gelfand best known for?

  • What was the name of the team that Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Lance Armstrong and Rodney Mullen rode for in the 80s?

  • Who invented the trick Impossible, Darkslide, 360 flip, k-grind and several others?

  • What is the name of the classic film by skateboard brand Girl that came in 2003?

  • Tony Hawk set the first 900 trick, how many laps do you spin on a 900?

  • Which rider from Finland was in 2001 ranked skateboarder of the year by Thrasher magazine?

  • Photo by petercastleton / CC BY

    What is the iron pipe called on a ramp?