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  • What's the real name of Jay Z?

  • What is the name of the group that does I'm on a boat with T-Pain?

  • Which group has done the song “Passin Me By”?

  • How many years claims Akon he's been in prison, though there's no evidence of it..?

  • What's the name of Jay Z's record where Blue Magic is located?

  • Whose voice has Kanye sampled into the beat to the song “All falls down”?

  • Photo by - EMR - / CC BY

    Eminem has an alias, what is it?

  • Talib Kweli's Get By is on which album..?

  • Who sings the song “Regulate” with Warren G?

  • What country does Pete Philly and Perquisite come from?

  • Photo by giphy

    What famous Vietnam movie has 2 Live Crew sampled from to the song “Me so horny”?

  • Photo by anieto2k / CC BY-SA

    Brooklyn artist Yasiin Bey changed his artist name. What was he called before?

  • What is the name of the legendary record that Dr. Dre never released?

  • Who is the most famous rapper who was in the group Geto Boys?

  • What's T pain called for real?

  • T Pain diligently makes use of an aid that makes him sing differently, what is it?

  • Slum Village has had two members who have passed away, producer Jay Dee and..?

  • Ruff Ryder's frontman is..?

  • What is the name of Paul Wall's first record?

  • What is the name of the Wu-Tang member who fronts Shimmy Shimmy Ya?

  • Madvillain consists of MF Doom and..?

  • Who is rapping in Madvillain?

  • Which legendary producer is behind MC Lyte's Wonder Years?

  • What year did Lord Finesse come with Return Of The Funky Man?

  • Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop came 1st on the Billboard list when it was released, what year was it?

  • What is the name of the record where the Large Professors "Radioactive" is?

  • Which record label became Lady Sovereign's first non American girl to be signed to?

  • What is James Todd Smith's stage name?

  • What city does G Unit come from?

  • What is the genre Dizzy Rascal's is known for?

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff first became famous in a TV Series, which one?

  • What is the name of Birdman's record label?

  • Brother Ali has a different genetic condition, which?

  • Grand Puba, Sadat X and Lord Jamar make up the group..?

  • Who is the producer behind Aaliyah's Try Again..?

  • Wyclef was one of the members of the group..?

  • Where does Flo Rida come from?

  • Ceelo, along with Danger Mouse, forms a group, which one..?

  • Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations is the explanation for the name of the group..?

  • Pimp C was before his death a member of the group..?

  • Where does Scarface come from?

  • RZA belong to which group?

  • RZA has multiple aliases, which of this is not one of them?

  • Will I Am is one of the members of the group..?

  • Evidence is one of the members of the group..

  • Where does Murs come from?

  • Jay Z had 9th Wonder produce a song on his album The Black Album, which song?

  • Nelly brought out an energy drink. What's it called?

  • Which hip hop group is Gorillaz collaborating with on the song Feel Good INC?

  • Who produced In Da Club with 50 cent?

  • Eminem's Loose Yourself was featured on the soundtrack to his film about his life, what is it called?

  • What is Eminem's first single called?

  • What is Ludacri's record where Roll Out is featured?

  • Guru is one half of the group Gang Starr, who is the other half?

  • Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is the explanation for this rapper's name, who?

  • What is the name Blue Magic referring to in Jay Z's song of the same name?

  • Kanye's song Flashing Lights is really a love song, but to whom?

  • What record is Kanye's Jesus Walks on?

  • The Roots has been acting house band in a talk show in the US, which one?

  • What is the name of the drummer in The Roots?

  • Imani, Bootie Brown, Slimkid3 and Fatlip are the group..?

  • What New York City neighborhood does Talib Kweli come from?

  • Talib Kweli made a legendary record with Mos Def under the group name..?

  • HiTek and Talib Kweli work together under the name..?

  • Big Pun's real name was..?

  • In 2005, Kanye West went out in the media and told of his past abuse. Which..?

  • What revolutionary group was Dr. Dre previously featured in?

  • Notorious B.I.G had a hefty bief with another performer, who?

  • What's the name of Andre 3000's companion in Outcast?

  • What is the name of the rapper that Timbaland made several records together with earlier in his career?

  • Kelis was together with a famous rap star, who?

  • What the name is the rapper in The Roots?

  • Who produced “Touch it” for Busta Rhymes?

  • Photo by sociotard / CC BY

    What rapper was it that tattooed a icecream on his cheek?