Digital quiz walk at its best

You can easily create an exciting quiz walk for free with us. No app to download or other hassles. Just share the link to your quiz walk. If you would rather have the quiz walk on paper, it can of course be printed.

Here’s how it works

The user visits your quiz walk and with the help of their phone and position they complete the quiz walk.

You have a number of settings for the quiz walk to suit your needs! Of course, it is also possible to print out the quiz walk so you can use it in the traditional way.

Bild på frågelista

Choose from many different styles of maps to enhance the feel of your quiz walk.

Get involved outdoors!

Vy på hur det ser ut när man är utomhus och går tipspromenad med sin smartphone.

As an administrator, you can keep track of any results and statistics.
Get help from us to create materials to market your quiz walk!

Som administratör kan du få statistik på dina quiz
Resultat sparas så du som administratör kan se allt.

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