Digital quiz walk at its best

You can easily create an exciting quiz walk for free with us. No app to download or other hassles. Just share the link to your quiz walk. If you would rather have the quiz walk on paper, it can of course be printed.

Create a quiz walk Show example

The mobile phone is used to complete the quiz walk

Here’s how it works

  • Go to Create quiz.
  • Write the name of your quiz walk.
  • Add the questions you want to be included and place them on the map.
  • In the Finish tab, you have some settings to customize the quiz walk to your specifications.
  • Click Publish and you now have a link that you can test and share!

With the same interface as you build other quizzes on our site, you can place your questions on a map. The user visits your quiz walk and with the help of their phone and position, they complete the quiz walk.

You have a variety of settings for the quiz walk to suit your needs! Of course, it is also possible to print the quiz walk so you can use it in the traditional way.

This is how it can look when you create your quiz. Add as many questions as you like.

Many settings in admin.

As an administrator, you can keep track of results and statistics.

Keep track of the results in admin

With the link below, you can directly see how a quiz walk works and looks. It is of course best to open that link in the phone. You can also read more in detail about what can be done when creating a quiz walk.

Show an example More details on how it works Create a quiz walk

Remember to tell others who are nearby about your quiz walk.

Download a poster that suggests your quiz walk.

Get started by creating an account to keep track of your quiz walks and quizzes.

Of course it’s free!


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