How to create a quiz

When you have your idea and want to get started , it’s easy. To create your quiz or digital quiz walk, just go to Create, type in the name of your quiz and click further (you can change the name later).

Here’s how it´s done:

  • Go to Create quiz.
  • Name your quiz.
  • Add the questions you want to be included and add a picture or movie that fits the question. (Voluntary)
  • Save and publish!
  • You can change content in your quiz at any time under “My Quiz”.

By the way, did you know that your finished quiz can turn into a printable quiz walk in PDF format with only one click? Learn more about how to make a quiz walk.

Below is a more detailed description of the steps you can go through when making your quiz.

Good to know: If you should now accidentally shut down the window, you can always get back to this quiz because it’s saved during My Quiz.

The next step is the most important and the one on which you should care most about, the questions! To start, just click the “Add Question” button. You can then enter your question as well as four answer options, the first option of which is the correct one.

In the top of the form where one creates one’s question, you can add a background that appears along with the question. This makes it more visual and more fun for whoever is going to do your quiz. You have three options for choosing your background:

Upload your own image: Select an image that you have saved on your device and it will be uploaded when you save the question.

Select a movie from Youtube: You may have a video playing in the background when your question appears. Just enter your keyword and results from Youtube come up and you can select the video you want. After you select a video, you can also choose where in the video the clip will be started to make it more effective. Remember that your search can get better results if you type in English! Mobile phones and other devices that do not support live video playback will display the image representing the video instead.

Search for an image: In the same way you can search for a movie, you can also search for an image that represents what the question is about. Enter your keyword and the result will come up with pictures, gifs and memes from some of the biggest picture agencies. Remember that your search will give better results if you type in English!

Once you have selected the background you want and filled out your question and answer, just click save and that question is ready!

You also have the option of saving the question as a draft in case you’re not done with it but still want to save and revisit later. Questions saved as drafts will not appear in your quiz.

When you’re done with all your questions, go to the next step where you’re going to complete the quiz.

Just like you did when you chose the background for the questions, you can choose a background that represents the entire quiz. That background will be visible before starting the quiz and even after when one is done.

You now have the option to change the title, enter a description of the quiz, categorize, add labels, etc. It’s good to do this because then your quiz will be easier to find for others!

In addition to the basic settings, you can change more advanced features such as a time limit for questions, score count, comments, random query order, etc.

Choosing random order of the questions allows you to also choose how many questions a round should contain. This allows your quiz to be played multiple times and always get new questions! Ex: You have created 30 questions, choose to slump the order and for a round to contain 10 of these questions. This allows one to play your quiz three times before encountering the same questions again!

You can also preview your quiz before posting it.

If you feel like you’re not really done but still want to save your settings, you can Save as Drafts. (Your questions are saved regardless)

If you feel finished, click Save and publish!

Once your quiz is published, you can go in and play it or share it with your friends! You can, of course, go in and add questions or make changes to your settings at any time. During My Quiz you will find the quiz you have created.

Good luck and if you have any questions, concerns or tips for improvements, please contact us.

If you want to know how to easily create a quiz walk based on your quiz, read more about this.

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