To delete your quiz, log in and go to “My Quiz”. Then select edit on the quiz or quiz walk you want to delete. Then select “Settings” and click “More Settings”. Scroll almost all the way down and there’s the option to delete your quiz. One option if you don’t want to delete but still hide from visitors is to resave the quiz as “draft”. Then it’s not possible to visit the quiz for anyone but yourself as long as you’re logged in.

In the menu, go to “My Profile”. At the bottom there is the option to delete the account. There’s no going back and all the quizzes and quiz walks you’ve done are then no longer reachable.

Right now there are no restrictions. Any number of people can do your quiz.

Just use the link you received when you posted your quiz or quiz walk. Send that link to everyone you want to participate.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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