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If you do not know if this is right for you, try our quizzes and quiz walks here right away! You then have lots of settings to design the quiz or quiz walk according to your needs.

This is how it can look when you create your quiz. Add as many questions as you like.

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You can set your time for reflection on the questions, how many questions should be included in a round and much more! With our simple and powerful system, you can quickly make your idea a reality.

Once you have completed your quiz, you can share it with those you want. You have the opportunity to choose that the quiz can be private so that only you decide who will see it. Of course, the quiz works just as well on the mobile as on the computer.
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Creating a digital quiz walk is as easy as pie!

Let your friends do the quiz walk directly in the mobile browser, no app needs to be downloaded! As an administrator, you have the possibility to collect answers and see statistics.

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Låter det som något för dig? Skapa ett konto eller logga in med ditt Google konto för att kunna hantera dina quiz. Snabbt och enkelt! Yes, it’s free. If you want more details about how to create your quiz you can read more about it on the page Here’s how it works

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