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    1 year ago
    Even though the church dedicated to Saint Catherine appears to be relatively new—since it was rebuilt in the early 19th century—we can confidently identify its location as the site of the earlier Santa Caterina church of the Augustinians.Its first belfry, on its south-western side, was constructed in 1938. The Bema was expanded with two auxiliary spaces in the early 1950s, and the dilapidated belfry was replaced in 1953-54. They are located beyond the current Customs at a distance of about 150 meters from the small pier. From their researcher archaeologist Kostis Davaras, ten were counted along a coast of two hundred meters. Most are completely damaged with traces only on the rock. These are almost semicircular structures on the shore in which they keep the freshly salted fish for which the Romans had a real passion. The largest of them and the most well maintained has a horseshoe shape and dimensions 7x6.75m.

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